Saturday, March 11, 2017


When the Moon in Virgo
turns Full in broad daylight,
the heart broken may 
not even notice.

Morning Luna casts back
the intentions sewn on 
her dark face. No hour 
was really lost, clocks being
irrelevant to Her magick.

All her cleansing glamour
appears translucent, ghosted
on the blue, while her
brother Sol glares nearby,
commanding attention from
the clock-driven unaware.

But - no SPF 50, no shade tree, no roof 
can shield what was planted, sent back 
in full bloom. Her reflective glory 
a magnifying glass beam singeing that spot, 
smoke rising from the hole burned through 
wherever you hide. What you’ve sown, 
you shall reap, even if you’ve changed your mind.

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