Tuesday, August 12, 2014


You, who would not ever consider suicide:
Please remember those of us 
who considered it in the first grade.
Your standards are not ours.
Your condescension is not helpful.

You, who would call us selfish, 
remember Oscar Wilde said
Selfishness is not living your life
as you wish, it is asking others
to live their lives as you wish.

You, who would control my manner
and moment of death to suit you.
No thank you. When I decide the pain
is too great, you do not even enter the equation.
My life is not yours, it is mine, and my death 
is always beyond your control.

Shut the fuck up about how it hurts you.
You would call me a coward in the face of This?
Had I been hit by a bus it would hurt you less?
My end is not yours. If I had cancer
it would be no less terminal. Some survive, 
some don’t.

You protest? Fuck you. Remember this:
Your judgement at this moment speaks 
more of your lack of sympathy
than it ever did of my choice.

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