Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Future Looks So Bright

In the aftermath of the suicides, Foxconn installed safety nets in some of its factories that make iPhones and iPads, and hired counsellors to help it's workers. In 2012, Tim Cook took a cut that reduced his annual pay to $4M.

Because this is how you honor your father.

Install motherboard, install motherboard, install motherboard,
install motherboard, install motherboard, ignore the intestinal cramp.
Do no take time to look for a clock that isn't there.
Install motherboard install motherboard install motherboard.
Two weeks three weeks four weeks double shift
collapse, your hands move in your sleep, small room
with seven other girls, joints already grinding at 18,
repetitive motion does that, elegantly efficient movement forward back down 
forward back down forward back down forward back down.
Do not fall behind, do not make a mistake, do not interrupt the rhythm
install mother board install mother board install motherboard
install motherboard stand in the pay line, sorry there has been a mistake 
NEXT my money my pay my overtime my $228.82 this month what will
I send my father  my family my village, move along NEXT. Air air air I need
air the sky is blue, my father my family my village
fly home, Tian Yu, fly home.

Did she think of her father when she flew out that window?

(second edit)
(another 5 words 5 minutes "Iron Poet" draft. This one sorta got to me, I took the time to look up the Foxconn story to be sure and went over on time. I'll work on it more.)

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