Friday, August 30, 2013

Not Today

Not Today 
- the poem that will never be finished

There is a flower boy
who saved my life
every day for more than a year
and doesn't even know I exist.
But the story is there in the words,
if you listen.
Their voice trembles,
and their breath.
It's awesome, the courage.

One time, an Irish poet
I've never met took my hand,
lead me back from the edge,
showed me the view from here is beautiful.
I am most humbly grateful
for the irritation of Facebook.

Chilled to the bone underage 
feral kitten rode in the cleavage 
of my sports bra for days 
until she stopped shivering.
I promise her twenty years. 

Every morning I say to
my old dog, not today.
We agree and shake on it,
for both of us.
Then we have breakfast.

This is our One Step program.

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