Friday, August 30, 2013


(from a prompt asking for a persona piece written from the perspective of my vehicle)


April 11, 2013 at 12:07am
4/30/5 (prompt for a persona piece from the perspective of our vehicle)

Since 2005 I have been hers.
She promised me 100,000 miles on
the parking lot of the dealer
and I believed her and promised.
They tried to make it a bigger deal,
but she didn't go for it
I'm just a minivan,
a mom bomb,
a carrier of groceries and dogs,
a place to sleep on the road,
or camping above the wet.
And she kept her promise.
Here I am at 60K
a bit scratched up from the grocery parking lot
but high and dry for the camping.
And the dogs, well the dogs love me,
we go for rides.
I'll carry them, her, where she wants
and get them there safely.
Have for 8 years now.
Some oil, some tires, a belt or two.
Seems she thinks I am like one of the dogs,
worth caring for for my lifetime,
and I'll give it until I can't and
then she will start over.
Her daughter named me
The Starship Enterprise
three vans ago,
300,000 miles ago
they were blue, I am silver
I will carry her and hers
where they will go

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