Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who Can You Trust?

Sammie Jo was a 10 year old rottweiler bitch owned by my friend Sandy. Sammie had osteosarcoma, but all in all did pretty well far longer than expected. She was a spoiled rotten dear friend who was generally well mannered except at the vet. Sammie Jo was so terrified there that she turned into Cujo. Sandy had the vet make house calls at enormous expense, but it was a much better situation for all involved, Sammie calm and no one in danger.

On Friday August 19, 2011 the vet came by to check on Sammie. All Sandy was doing was pain management. Sammie was eating and drinking, demanding her cookies at the right time of day and generally being herself, except the bad limp. That day the vet said it was time to put Sammie down. Sandy said no, not today. Next week. Vet goes on her way, appointment made. Sandy gets one last weekend with her dog.

So Sandy calls to tell me all this and we had a beer together. "You want me to come up now?" I asked her. No, it will be alright, she told me, she would have Tara come when the vet came back. Tara was her friend who took care of the dogs when needed.

That would have been alright if Sandy had not fallen that very afternoon and broken her neck. Relatives swooped in, banished the friends, threatened us with arrest and did not follow Sandy's wishes at all except to execute her living will. Sandy died Monday August 22.

In May, Sandy had made changes to her will reflecting her assets and changing a few things around, including the executor. Her assets all listed, she talked about her dogs. The attorney asked if she had someone to care for the dogs, which she did. Well then no need to add that to the formal will then. Sandy attached a hand written codicil to the formal papers saying Tara was to have care of the dogs, Sammie Jo was to be euthed at home, Tara was to find homes for Allie and BeeBee. Sounds all well and good, doesn't it?

Except that when Sandy's executor, her step daughter Pam Five Last Names So Far, blows into town Tara is grieving mess. Pam bulldozes Tara, puts Sammie in the car and drives her to the city animal control to be euthanized. No need to spend that money on the vet for a dying dog, right? Sammie Jo died in terror, most likely catch poled, muzzled and pinned down since I know she would have fought.

A friend who was there at the time, Bill, took Ally and BeeBee home with him so they don't get dumped, too. A neighbor kid, Victor, begged and cried and begged to please be allowed to have Ally and BeeBee. Pam relented and allowed this. Ally was a rescue placement of mine, and I had agreed to most of Sandy's arrangements with the disclaimer that I get a new contract from whomever Tara decided chose to place her with, per our original placement contract. That didn't happen either. I made arrangements to get a contract signed by Victor's mother, but before she did their house went into foreclosure and they took the dogs to Indiana with them to live with the grandparents. Except the grandparents don't like dogs. So Ally and BeeBee will live with another relative. The humans' cell phones are shut off and I can't find them.

I found all of this out last week when a friend got wasted drunk and babbled out the whole story. I was lied to and shut out by Sandy's relatives. I was "protected" by Sandy's friends. Bad enough my best friend of 25 years is dead in an accident and I am threatened with arrest if I try to go there, the fucking money grubbing cunt knew I would see to it Sandy's wishes were followed with regards to the dogs, and made damned sure I was kept in the dark about their disposal.

So I failed Sandy by not going there to see to it Sammie was cared for as Sandy wished, by not going there and taking my rescue dog. Arrest, pfft, I've never been arrested in my life, like they would put me in jail for trespass when I had a contract in my hand and knew what Sandy's attached codicil said?

Don't trust your family, don't trust your friends and be damned sure you lawyer understands that the pets are to be in the formal will with specific instructions for their care and placement, including a back up plan if the first plan falls through.

I am haunted by Sammie, Ally and BeeBee.

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