Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Penn and Teller Bullshit: PETA

Click on the title of this post and watch the video after you have read this post. It's about 30 minutes long, so allow time, but do it.

Ok, they are vulgar, foul mouthed and guaranteed to put bare tits in every show, but Penn and Teller Bullshit debunks myths through thorough research. Here in this link they take on PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I did find a flaw in their research this time - they say PETA has a huge number of "members". Actually PETA has ZERO members. They have Donors. The word Members supposes voting rights and a say in policy making. People who give PETA money have no say in how that money is spent. Maybe they don't understand that PETA wants the eradication of all domestic animals including our pets. And that PETA funds terrorist acts. How's that for tree hugging peaceful do gooders?

So if you don't want to eat meat, fine with me. I do, but hey, your choice. I have no problem with raising meat animals, killing them, cleaning them and eating them, but the city I live in does not allow livestock and my quarter acre lot would not support much. But how do you feel about them saying that our pets that sleep in the bed with us are the same thing as slaves? That we should spay and neuter every dog and cat in the world so there are NO MORE PETS in one generation? How do you feel about them outlawing the ownership of pets entirely? And the eating of meat entirely? These people are smart, have great backing and marketing teams and political action committees that propose legislation that will make it impossible to keep a dog or cat. Breed specific legislation was just the start. Now they are approaching state legislators to make it nearly impossible for responsible breeder to produce healthy quality pets.

These are the idiots that openly compare the plight of a food chicken to the HUMANS who died in the Holocaust. These are the humans who think that if one animal dies to find a cure for AIDS tough shit, no cure. These are the people who told me personally that my daughter should have died in infancy rather than the animals who died to develop a cure. Daughter is now 33, has given me a wonderful grandson.

The video is about 30 minutes long and links to MySpace because I am geekily challenged and couldn't do it any other way.

Watch it, try not to let their language and the naked boobs influence you away from the message. Raise the flag against animal rights groups. Scroll down in this blog and read the Animal Rights post of quotes they said themselves. Then you decide.

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