Friday, May 16, 2008

Self Medicating

When I am feeling rotten chocolate and Bud Lite takes the edge off and makes me feel better than any pill any doctor ever gave me. Last night it was Toll House Cookies and glory hallelujah, the grocery store had Bud Lite for $10.99 an 18.

And in the morning right before dawn my dog Tyrone will climb into bed to spoon with me for cuddles and kisses and belly rubs. Dix the Bitch will flop down on the other side and rub herself on me. I will be pinned under the covers by dog flesh that outweighs me. And I will be able to take a deep breath and know I am loved. They have always done that, my dogs, been the most dependable source of both the attention and acceptance that I need.

To them I am the Goddess. And if I won't share my chocolate, I can be depended on to share my burgers and the occasional sip of Bud Lite. And they are happy with me.

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